This exhibition features images taken on a photo trip to Havana, Santieras and Trinidad, Cuba.

The people. The art. The architecture. All are examples of what may be discovered by walking, listening, and looking.

I participated in a Mexican-led photography exploration of Cuba in November, 2019. Pre-covid I had been spending a couple of months of every year in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. My photographs there are mostly of the colours, architecture, and flora. I expected to find similar subjects in Cuba.

As a photographer who is generally drawn to photographing nature and buildings, I was surprised to discover that most of my images were of people. I have always been interested in the human condition, but perhaps from shyness or discomfort, not focused on people in my photography. Here I was lured to that subject more than any other, much to my surprise.

This exhibition would not have been possible without the assistance, mentorship and friendship of photographers Ted Davis of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and Eric Boutilier-Brown of Halifax. Many thanks to them both.